CaaMTech Synthesizes 3 More Psilocybin Alternatives

CaaMTech’s latest paper puts the spotlight on three novel psilocin prodrugs: 4-AcO-MET hydrofumarate, 4-AcO-MALT hydrofumarate & 4-AcO-DALT fumarate

4-AcO-MET and 4-AcO-MALT

CaaMTech’s latest publication, “Psilacetin derivatives: the methyl-ethyl, methyl-allyl and di­allyl variants of the psilocin prodrug,” reveals three novel psilocin prodrug variants synthesized by CaaMTech. Psilocin prodrugs may offer practical advantages over psilocybin and could clear some of the roadblocks to mainstream access to psychedelic medicines. The three novel tryptamines are the latest drugs from CaaMTech’s unmatched library of next-generation psychedelics.

“When we surveyed the state of the art in 2017, there were only a few dozen psychedelic tryptamines that had ever been made,” explained Dr. Andrew Chadeayne, CaaMTech CEO. “Only a few of them were purified and fully characterized, which limited all downstream research and development.”

Psilocin is the active metabolite of psilocybin, the psychedelic compound in “magic mushrooms.” Psilocybin, a prodrug of psilocin, has recently drawn increasing attention for its medicinal properties. Other psilocin prodrugs offer the same benefits as psilocybin, while providing other practical advantages, such as an optimized duration of action. These advantages could provide the key to overcoming hurdles psychedelic medicines face on the road to widespread clinical adoption and public accessibility.

CaaMTech has emerged as the market leader in psilocin prodrugs. Since first synthesizing crystalline psilacetin in 2019, CaaMTech has made numerous additional psilocin prodrugs through its collaboration with the Manke Lab at UMass Dartmouth. These prodrugs are a part of CaaMTech’s rapidly growing library of novel psychedelic drugs and will proceed through CaaMTech’s preclinical drug development pipeline.

“From the beginning, CaaMTech has looked beyond psilocybin and toward the next-generation of psychedelic drugs,” said Dr. Chadeayne, “Thanks to Dr. Manke and his team, tomorrow’s psychedelic medicines are in our library today.”