CaaMTech is the foremost drug discovery and lead optimization company focused on engineering next-generation psychedelic drugs that meet the standards of modern medicine. CaaMTech is improving the health and happiness of humankind by creating and optimizing psychedelic compounds and formulations through rigorous science and continuous innovation.

The State of Psychedelics

A Brief History

Although psychedelic organisms have been used for thousands of years, Albert Hofmann’s synthesis and 1943 investigation of LSD first introduced psychedelic drugs to Western medicine. Scientific research pertaining to psychedelic drugs progressed steadily until 1970 when the US Controlled Substances Act created legal and financial barriers to further research. Recently, mainstream scientific research into psychedelic drugs is re-emerging. Major universities such as Johns Hopkins and the Imperial College of London are opening psychedelic research centers and generating promising new results. Public support for psychedelic therapies has grown alongside the resurgence of scientific progress. Now, modern science has an unprecedented opportunity to solve the world’s most costly and intractable health problems.

What We Do

New Tryptamines & Compound Optimization

Small alterations to a compound’s chemical structure create large differences in its pharmacology. CaaMTech creates new compounds with optimized properties by experimentally determining the relationship between chemical structure and biological activity. CaaMTech is creating novel tryptamines that are specifically engineered to optimize desired effects while minimizing unwanted side-effects.

Psychedelic Formulations

Recognizing the importance of polypharmacology in psychedelic medicine, CaaMTech has developed a catalog of psychedelic products that meet the variable requirements of a broad customer base. We have pioneered state-of-the-art psychedelic formulations that allow access

Drug Safety and Efficacy Screening

Modern consumers demand safe and effective drugs that produce consistent effects with every dose. CaaMTech screens both natural and synthetic tryptamines for safety and efficacy, both individually and in formulation. Our goal is for every consumer of psychedelic drugs to know exactly what compounds they are consuming and in what quantity.

Our Methods

Fundamental Science

CaaMTech is laying the scientific groundwork for the entire psychedelics industry by conducting fundamental research necessary to characterize and fully understand both long existing and newly synthesized tryptamines. We are filling a longstanding unmet need within the space for a comprehensive chemical and biological understanding of psychedelic compounds—from naturally occurring psychedelics currently being used in clinical trials to human-engineered molecules of the future.

Technological Innovation

CaaMTech uses the latest laboratory and computational technologies to drive the research and development of novel psychedelic drugs. Utilizing our combination of off-the-shelf and internally developed technological solutions, CaaMTech is unearthing previously undiscovered patterns in large datasets of chemical information and research results. We hope that our contributions create widespread opportunities for driving scientific research and efficiently developing the most effective psychedelic drugs possible.

Intellectual Property

Recognizing the importance of intellectual property to fund progress in the nascent psychedelics space, CaaMTech has built a comprehensive patent portfolio. CaaMTech’s research is creating unique opportunities for developing pioneering inventions that support a broad range of downstream applications.

CaaMTech is committed to distributing its intellectual contributions to the field amongst collaborators who share our vision for developing safe and effective psychedelic products. Toward our goal of improving the health and happiness of humankind, we will freely share our discoveries with scientific collaborators who share this mission.  CaaMTech will not engage in commercial relationships that stifle scientific progress or impede the development of safe and effective products.

Our Team

CaaMTech has carefully selected a diverse group of highly-skilled experts including scientists, healthcare professionals, and technologists at the forefront of their respective fields. Our team members have Ph.D., MBA, and JD degrees from top US and international universities including Princeton, Harvard, and Cornell. CaaMTech’s combined experience connects multiple industries, including branded and generic pharmaceutical companies, natural product innovation, Silicon Valley startups, intellectual property law, consumer product development, manufacturing, and distribution.