Davis Wuolle leads CaaMTech’s information technology and marketing efforts. Davis graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Materials Engineering.

In 2011, Davis co-founded SwimSwam.com, which quickly became the most-read swimming website in the world and continues to serve millions of readers.

Davis began working at Spiraledge in 2013 as a Product Engineer for Swim.com, the leading wearable tracking platform for swimmers.  He oversaw the design and development of Swim.com’s web, mobile and wearable device applications. In 2016, Davis was elevated to President of Swim.com and developed partnerships with tech giants and niche industry innovators to utilize Swim.com’s proprietary machine-learning developed swim tracking algorithms.

Davis is helping CaaMTech stay on the leading edge of psychedelic drug innovation by leveraging technology across our scientific, business and marketing activities.  He resides in the Berkeley, California area with his wife, Skyler.